Day: May 15, 2021

Solar Market Growth in Spain Takes the Lead

We are kicking off 2021 by highlighting the solar markets at the Top 5 EU, as identified in our most recent EU Business Outlook for European Photovoltaics Business Development. In 2020, Spain was the EU’s third-largest solar market.
Without auctions, the PPA/merchant segment has accounted for all of Spain’s new energy. This is a monumental achievement: it is the first time in Europe that this volume of capacity has been grid-connected without the use of public subsidies or auctions. This is an …

Solar Markets in Netherlands Promises a Bright Future

The EU’s newest market forecast for solar power indicates that the following the end of 2020 shows that these countries are on track to account for 50% of the European solar market share. On day two of our study, we are examining the EU’s second-largest market: the Netherlands. Last year, almost three gigawatts of project capacity were installed and 12 additional government-subsidized mega-wattitude projects in the pipeline.
As far as the clouds are concerned, this painting a rosy picture is fair, considering the COVID pandemic. A projection by the national organization …