Month: May 2021

Solar Market Growth in Spain Takes the Lead

We are kicking off 2021 by highlighting the solar markets at the Top 5 EU, as identified in our most recent EU Business Outlook for European Photovoltaics Business Development. In 2020, Spain was the EU’s third-largest solar market.
Without auctions, the PPA/merchant segment has accounted for all of Spain’s new energy. This is a monumental achievement: it is the first time in Europe that this volume of capacity has been grid-connected without the use of public subsidies or auctions. This is an …

Notes on the Solar Energy Auction in Spain

It was the first time in five years that Spain had arranged a green energy call for five years last week. By participating in 2,026 MW from the 3,034 MW in the auction, solar energy was clearly able to prove its ability to compete on a level playing field.
Here are the three key occurrences that happened in the event:

2026 from the 3,034 MW in solar power that had been sold at the second round of auction has been added to the grid.
If the world average cost of solar dropped to 24.47 …

Road to a Million: Austria Establishes Solar Rooftops

Solar energy is experiencing a surge in popularity in Austria. Just this past year, the Austrian Ministry allotted €50 million for the production of renewable energy resources, with all three-quarters of the money directed toward residential, utility, public, and private development. This, including all already contracted projects, amounts to 15,957 new solar installations totaling 332 MW.
Moreover, the mission of Austrian Climate and Energy Minister, Leonore Gessler is to get the country to finally use 100% renewable energy within that year. With that, this project has been formed on the rock of the One-Million-Rooftop Program. …

A Promising Year for Solar Energy: 2020 is Belgium’s Strongest Year Ever

Blessed with more sunny days than all the other years together, it is inevitable that 2020 will be a productive year for the Belgian solar power industry. Finally, Belgium’s power output reached 1.1 gigawatts for the first time during the CO19 outbreak in 2013, coincidentally also with the year of the first days of solar radiation expansion.
As per the solar national association of Belgium, the country’s cumulative solar installation capacity now exceeds 6 GW. In 2020, the bulk of solar energy will be deployed in Flanders (80%), and 15% in Wallonia, while the rest is for the capital city of Brussels.
In …

A New Sustainability Champion Emerges for Europe

Sustainability is the buzzword of the moment, and it encompasses far more than pollution reductions. To be sustainable, a value chain’s economic, environmental, and social dimensions must be considered. Solar energy is the most renewable energy source not only due to its low carbon footprint.
This is also due to how it increases energy self-sufficiency and is extremely job-intensive, generating more employment per installed watt than in any other energy source. Solar innovations, such as floating solar as well as agrisolar, also demonstrate how solar can help conserve biodiversity.
The solar industry seeks to bolster …

Sweden Reaches a Milestone in Solar Energy Development

The country’s likable results placed the current 1 GW of operational solar power generation capacity at Svensk Solenergi, according to preliminary information from the Swedish Energy Agency who say that Svensk Energi or the Swedish Energy Agency reports being current as of market studies conducted by Swedish Energy Inc.
The possibility of a pandemic occurring because of the dramatic rise in deployment of solar energy in 2020 led to solar energy becoming even more abundant.
Solar growth has been aided by a rebate program that was set to expire. However, it was extended until 2021, benefiting only businesses and communities …