About Us

We are an association – member-led, environmentally inspired, and innovatively driven.

Our goal at the European Photovoltaics Business Development organization is to ensure that our solar plants generate more electricity than other sources of energy by 2030 and to inspire our members to integrate solar into a smart, renewable, stable, and a sustainable energy system to achieve carbon neutrality by the time we reach the year 2050.

Here at the European Photovoltaics Business Development organization, we envision ourselves guiding our member-led association towards a more solar-centered future where our cities and urban environments are powered using smart and sustainable energy systems.

Our Objectives

  • We plan to successfully position photovoltaic energy solutions with European policymakers and through national influence in order to create an enabling climate for solar energy development in Europe.
  • We strive to deliver thought-provoking energy market research that bolsters our members’ business goals and educates legislators and the members of the energy sector about the benefits of solar energy.
  • Via cooperation and communication with the finance community, we want to ensure that solar energy systems have investments and funding across Europe.
  • We hope to convey the advantages of solar energy effectively through all applicable communication networks, with clear messaging across Europe and the world, in order for our main points to gain momentum in the media as well as with European stakeholders.
  • We facilitate successful business opportunity coordination for participants by assisting them in attending the strongest networking and business growth events in Europe and beyond.

Our Values

A Sense of Responsibility

We inculcate a sense of responsibility within our teams, colleagues, as well as our members when it comes to coming up with solutions to help attain the objectives of European Photovoltaics Business Development. Through the process, we also work to ignite an initiative to share this obligation to care for our planet and to support renewable energy sources to all.

Creative Innovation

We strive to procure the best innovations through creative and sustainable solutions as a response to all the modern energy challenges of society. We build networks and teams that discuss effective methods but also ensure that these solutions keep the environment safe and our culturally diverse communities inclusive.

Dynamism and Enthusiasm

We aim to deliver top-grade work outcomes that are above and beyond what is expected of the association while enthusiastically strive for extended efforts to further improve the potential for a sustainable future. We work with the willingness to learn and innovate as we work to achieve the objectives, and attain the vision of the association.


We strive with the flexibility to work steadfastly and seamlessly on a variety of topics and environmental issues as well as build a set of transferable skills with our teams. This is to ensure that we meet and attain all of the needs of the European Photovoltaics Business Development membership, as well as to attain the objectives of the association.

Inclusivity and Respect

We inculcate respect for the needs of every member of the association. We also foster inclusivity within the system, amongst our colleagues and the communities involved. The results of the objectives of the European Photovoltaics Business Development are not only beneficial to the chosen few but for all.

With that, we aim to create a sustainable future every man and woman experience the best results.