Meet our Team

Alice Wallace

EPBD Chief Executive Officer

Wallace is the CEO of European Photovoltaics Business Development. She is in charge of the organization’s overall results. Her past experience includes serving as Head of our Office of Representatives for over nine consecutive years.

She has also had the position of a Financial and Capital Markets Advisor at the Association of Public Banks in Germany. She also has work experience as a competition lawyer at the Haarmann Hemmelrath and at the Control Task Force team of the DG Competition.

Wallace graduated with a law and business administration degree from Leopold-Franzens Universität Innsbruck. She can fluently communicate in German, French, Dutch, and English

Fred Perry Guzman

EPBD Deputy CEO and Director of Policies

Guzman is responsible for developing, planning, and implementing the association’s political strategy, planning, and advocacy. He works under the instruction of the Strategy Committee of European Photovoltaics Business Development.

He also facilitates the assignments of policy teams while coordinating with the Task Force deliverables which include top-grade market intelligence as well as technology-focused reports as well as events. Guzman previously worked for over eight years in the energy sector of the European continent.

His extensive experience in public affairs harkens back to his early contributions in EPBD where he also served as the head of the French Union for European Energy Affairs department from the years of 2012 to 2017.

With that, Guzman holds a master’s degree in political science, social service, and research from Sciences Po Bordeaux. Moreover, he is fluent in four languages: Italian, French, Spanish, and English.

Amelie Jean-Beauvais

Marketing Director and Business Development Strategist

Beauvais is accountable for all aspects of the marketing campaign and sales strategies, from conception to integration on an administrative level. She serves as the primary contact over many key members and is responsible for developing and sustaining a reliable corporate image across all products, goods and services, campaign literature, research material, and events.

Beauvais previously worked at KBC as a Consultant on Finance and Insurance at the Burgas Airport as Marketing Researcher. She holds a Master of Science in Management Science with HEC Management certification from specialized training in Digital Marketing as well as in Sales Management.

She had his tertiary education at the University of Liege and a Bachelor of Economics, major in Marketing in Varna at the University of Economics. She is also bilingual in Bulgarian and English.

Mikael Novalo

Head of Marketing and Executive Consultant

Novalo serves as the CEO’s Executive Advisor and is a contributory member of the leading committee. He leads European Photovoltaics Business Development’s award-winning marketing strategy collective. This is in addition to his business development responsibilities.

Novalo is the primary author of the annual Global Market Outlook who collaborates closely with the Policy Analyst of the company, Raffaele, on the Solar Storage research team.

He has been involved in the solar industry for over two decades. He served in various capacities within the Photon group after co-founding the famous Photon-Magazine in 1996, most notably as Editor-in-Chief of the publication, Photon International.

Novalo founded MISCHCO in 2014 to provide solar companies with planning, consultation, and communication services. He also launched TaiyangNews, which is a news platform dedicated to the solar industry and research in 2016.

Michael earned a bachelor’s degree in Geology/Palaeontology from Bonn University, a master’s degree in Geology from RWTH Aachen, and a master’s degree in Mineralogy from Frankfurt University. He is also bilingual in German and English.

Catherina Amari

Chief of Communications and Finance

Amari currently works as the Chief Officer of Communications and Finance at European Photovoltaics Business Development. She has an outstanding role as a leading member in the association’s financial operations committee, as well as human resources and administration.

Additionally, she is in charge of European Photovoltaics Business Development’s external communications.

Amari previously co-managed her own consulting firm for international affairs. Just recently, she also served as Director of Finance, Administration, and Human Resources for a Brussels-based international organization. Her career began in the pharmaceutical industry which spans the United States and Europe.

She is a graduate of Finance in the United States and earned a bachelor’s degree from Greenville University. Amari also speaks two languages and is fluent in both French and English.