Mikael Novalo

Novalo serves as the CEO’s Executive Advisor and is a contributory member of the leading committee. He leads European Photovoltaics Business Development’s award-winning marketing strategy collective. This is in addition to his business development responsibilities.

Novalo is the primary author of the annual Global Market Outlook who collaborates closely with the Policy Analyst of the company, Raffaele, on the Solar Storage research team.

He has been involved in the solar industry for over two decades. He served in various capacities within the Photon group after co-founding the famous Photon-Magazine in 1996, most notably as Editor-in-Chief of the publication, Photon International.

Novalo founded MISCHCO in 2014 to provide solar companies with planning, consultation, and communication services. He also launched TaiyangNews, which is a news platform dedicated to the solar industry and research in 2016.

Michael earned a bachelor’s degree in Geology/Palaeontology from Bonn University, a master’s degree in Geology from RWTH Aachen, and a master’s degree in Mineralogy from Frankfurt University. He is also bilingual in German and English.